Geotechnical Engineering

Starting with Solid Foundations


  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Foundation Design
  • Support of Excavation Systems Design
  • Seismic Analysis and Mitigation Design
  • Soil and Rock Stabilization Design
  • Earth Retaining Structures, Embankments and
    Underpinning Design
  • Tunnel and Trenchless Excavation Design
  • Groundwater Control Design
  • MSE Wall Design
  • Forensic Studies and Expert Testimony
  • Waterproofing Design and Inspection


GRANT’s geotechnical team understands how the site’s composition will affect proposed design and construction systems. Our experts use hands-on processes in close collaboration with local authorities to uncover soil, groundwater and bedrock conditions, allowing for the optimal management of the design and construction of every project.


Our geotechnical services include subsurface explorations; geotechnical analyses and design recommendations. Our team also prepares construction documents and can perform special inspections for any type of site.

Collaborate with Us

We work with a growing network of Architects, Developers, Governments, NGO’s and local property owners in New York and around the world. From the ground up construction to renovation and addition projects, we will help you realize your vision in a cost-effective and technically sound way.