Structural Engineering

Designed to Outperform on Every Level


Whether building new or rehabilitating, our clients require resilient structures that outperform on every level, surpassing intense design specifications and standing up to ever-increasing stress from climate change and natural disasters.

From the foundation to the skeleton, our projects cover everything from the intricacies of historic properties to vibrant new multi-storey buildings and bridges. Our team of experienced structural engineers work in open collaboration with architects, developers, owners and other creative thinkers to exceed client design intentions and maximize the structural integrity and performance of every project.


By merging strong engineering foundations and the latest modeling and projection technologies together with deep knowledge of codes and policies, our structures excel in their local context. Further, our practice is designed to develop these solutions in the safest and most economical ways.


  • Design and inspection of steel structures
  • Design and inspection of concrete structures
  • Structural assessment of existing buildings, garages, bridges and roofs
  • Load analysis of proposed solar panels and wind turbines
  • Building renovations and build-outs

Collaborate with Us

We work with a growing family of architects, developers, property owners, governments and international organizations in New York and around the world. Our team would be happy to discuss your project inquiries.