Chelsea, Manhattan

Special Inspections, Structural Engineering
About This Project

Location: Chelsea, Manhattan, NY

Client:  Centaur Properties LLC

Architect:  Isay Weinfeld

Size: 159,355 sq ft

Project Type: Commercial / Residential

Site Activities: New Build

Year Completed: Construction Ongoing

Key Services

Special Inspections

  • TR-1 Inspections, including:
    • Structural Stability; Subgrade
    • Subsurface conditions
    • Fire resistant penetrations
    • Sprayed fire-resistant materials
    • Structural Steel; Mechanical
    • Structural Cold-Formed Steel
    • Welding, Erection, & Bolting
    • Concrete Cast-in-Place
  • TR-2 Concrete Sampling /Testing
  • TR-5 Deep Foundation Elements
  • TR-8 Energy Code Compliance

Structural Engineering

  • Structural Design
  • Building Foundation Design

Project Description

GRANT was contracted to provide Department of Buildings special inspection services for this new development. The structure is adjacent to the High Line in New York City, and consists of twelve floors, with commercial and residential use. GRANT inspectors have consistently been on site, starting with initial ground breaking, performing all required inspections. GRANT was also contracted for Structural Design, Foundation design, and for Structural conditions assessment during construction.