Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

Special Inspections
About This Project

Location: Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, NY

Client:  Mitch Holdings

Architect:  Montroy Andersen Demarco Design

Size: 10,000 sq ft

Project Type: Commercial, Hotel, Restaurant

Site Activities: Redevelopment

Year Completed: 2017

Key Services

Special Inspections

  • TR-1 Inspections, including:
    • Structural Stability
    • Firestopping; Fireproofing
    • Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials
    • Structural Steel; Masonry
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Welding, Erection, & Bolting
    • Post Installed Anchors
    • Footing and Foundation
    • Concrete Cast-in-Place
  • TR-2 Concrete Sampling /Testing
  • TR-8 Energy Code Compliance
  • EN-2 As-built Energy Analysis

Project Description

GRANT was contracted to perform TR-1 and TR-8 special inspections as identified based on the structural drawings of the construction site. The work scope for this project included site visits for progress assessment and data gathering, as well as a final inspection to conclude the final report. All special and progress inspections were performed in accordance with Chapter 17 of the Building Code of New York City, Energy Conservation of NYC 2014, 1RCNY § 5000 and other applicable codes. The report was successfully approved, allowing on schedule completion.