Construction Monitoring & Surveying

Monitoring Progress


Monitoring Plan Design
GRANT performs a review of all relevant design plans and, informed by available condition assessments and site visits, develops a monitoring plan. This service includes direction, as applicable, on agency requirements, including the Department of Buildings and Transit Authority, as well as requirements related to local, state or federal historic landmarked structures (TPPN 10/88).
Pre-Construction Condition Assessment
GRANT’s engineers perform on-site assessments in order to support our clients in determining what may need to be monitored during construction, including existing cracks. GRANT provides a full report, under the direction of a NYS Professional Engineer, that includes detailed findings and a photographic log documenting any deficiencies.
Vibration Monitoring
Manual – GRANT provides vibration monitoring services, including those which cannot be performed wirelessly. GRANT engineers and technicians perform site visits periodically to collect vibration data, which is typically required for underground activity including Transit Authority infrastructure and some cellars.

Automated – The majority of vibration monitoring can be accomplished wirelessly. GRANT’s engineers and technicians perform set-up of the equipment, according to design or monitoring plans, which is connected to a modem that wirelessly transmits relevant data. This reduces cost and creates significant efficiencies as, site visits are required only when monitoring equipment needs to be adjusted. Further, automated monitoring allows for the equipment to automatically alert site personnel and project managers to any vibrations which breach a set criteria level.

Crack Monitoring
Telltale – GRANT technicians install telltale monitors and periodically perform site visits in order to photolog and report any movement in existing cracks. In many cases, this service is crucial to limit liability and provides an early warning of a deterioration of structural integrity which may be caused by demolition or construction methods being employed.

String Potentiometer – GRANT technicians install string potentiometers in order to wirelessly monitor movement in existing cracks. This method of crack monitoring is particularly useful when (1) regular access to take readings is challenging, (2) higher upfront costs can be offset by fewer site visits for an extended construction schedule and (3) higher upfront costs can be offset by fewer site visits when frequent monitoring is required.

Optical Surveying
Our team installs targets on the construction site, which provide data on any structural movement due to construction activities. This data is gathered from routine site visits, and then documented in great detail to identify issues that need to be addressed.
Automated Tilt Monitoring
Tiltmeters, or Micro-Electro-Mechanical (MEMS) Inclinometers, allow the measurement and tracking of tilt over two axes and can be installed for either manual or automated monitoring. While these instruments can be used for landslide, bridge pier, and ground subsidence monitoring, GRANT utilizes them for structural load testing and foundation settlement for buildings and retaining walls.
Air Quality Monitoring
GRANT has the expertise to conduct Ambient Air (or outdoor air) Monitoring to help you comply with the air quality requirements of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), New York City Community Air Survey (NYCCAS), and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). We have adopted the use of analytical instruments and air monitoring software that measure air thickness, dust and particulate (PM10, PM2.5, PM1 or TSP) continuously. In addition to ambient monitoring, we offer services in Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Particle Mass (PM) Measurements, Particle Number (PN) Measurements, and Particle Sampling.


Whether your project requirements entail the development of a monitoring plan, assessment of existing structural condition prior to construction, or monitoring construction activities, GRANT can be your partner. These services are utilized by project developers and owners of properties adjacent to construction activities.

In addition to pre-construction services, GRANT regularly monitors vibration and sound levels, movement of existing structures and movement of cracks. Whether a requirement of the projects structural design or not, this service helps our clients limit their liability.

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