Astoria, Queens

Construction Monitoring & Surveying, Special Inspections
About This Project

Location: Astoria, Queens, NY

Client:  LC Realty Co.

Contractor:  Spring Roc Construction Solutions

Size: 12,000 sq ft

Project Type: Mixed-Use, New Development

Site Activities: Excavation, SOE, Underpinning

Year Completed: 2017

Key Services
  • Pre-construction Condition Assessment
  • Crack Monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Optical Monitoring

Project Description

This project is the development of a 5-story mixed-use building on a 2,362 sq ft lot in Astoria, Queens. GRANT was contracted by the client to perform a pre-construction conditions assessment of the adjacent properties. GRANT provided a full structural assessment report, with photo-log and recommendation for monitoring activities. GRANT then installed tell-tales and monitored cracks during excavation, underpinning and through completion of 1st floor construction, providing periodic movement reports. GRANT was also contracted to monitor vibrations and movement to verify that construction activities are not negatively impacting the structural stability of adjacent buildings. GRANT performed 24-hour continuous vibration monitoring and periodic optical monitoring of adjacent properties in accordance with SOE plan requirements.