Environmental Engineering

Project Sustainability and Risk Mitigation


  • Asbestos Surveys (ACP5 / ACP7)
  • Local Law 84 Benchmarking
  • Phase I Due Diligence Geo-Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Geo-Environmental Site Investigations (soil, groundwater,
    soil vapor, IAQ)
  • Remedial Action Plans and Guidance
  • Soil Gas Mitigation Measures (soil vapor barriers, sub-slab
    depressurization systems)
  • WPSP: WorkPlace Safety Plans for Asbestos Abatement Projects
  • Mold Assessments: NYS Certified
  • Lead Paint and Lead-in-Water Inspections


Our team of environmental engineers apply their expertise to projects spanning from site remediation, wastewater management and pollution controls, to complex public health issues and environmental assessments of proposed structures.


Our analyses and solutions are drawn from multiple sources including document research and review of available site records, onsite surveys, detailed soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory evaluation. The collaboration between our LEED Accredited Professionals and our clients ensure that environmental risks are mitigated and project sustainability is maximized.


In New York City we have experience working with the Mayor’s OER, NYCDOB, NYCHA, NYCDEP, NYSDEC and USEPA.

Collaborate with Us

We work with a growing network of Architects, Developers, Governments, NGO’s and local property owners in New York and around the world. From the ground up construction to renovation and addition projects, we will help you realize your vision in a cost-effective and technically sound way.