Midtown, Manhattan

Civil Engineering, Energy & Home Performance, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
About This Project

Location: Midtown, Manhattan, NY

Client:  Adler Group Inc

Size: 135,800 sq ft

Project Type: Commercial

Site Activities: Ongoing Building Maintenance

Year Completed: 2018

Key Services

Energy Efficiency Services

  • ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit
  • Retro-commissioning Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Report
  • Engineering Management and Oversight

Geotechnical | Civil Engineering

  • Water Intrusion Assessment & Report
  • Test Pit Oversight
  • Water Intrusion Mitigation Design

Environmental Engineering

  • Mold Assessment and Work Plan
  • Laboratory Analysis

Project Description

The Site building was constructed in 1928 and is currently a 21-floor commercial office space. GRANT’s role in this property has been related to analyzing building operations & maintenance over the course of several years. A significant portion of GRANT’s involvement is to advise on energy efficiency opportunities.
GRANT was initially retained by the client to perform an energy audit and retro-commissioning analysis to comply with Local Law 87 and obtain a NYSERDA Flextech program reimbursement. GRANT was then retained on several occasions to perform mold assessments and laboratory analysis to create a work-plan. Most recently GRANT was contracted to perform geotechnical and civil engineering services for construction work consisting of demolishing an existing French drain and installing a new water infiltration mitigation system to control the water infiltration in the basement of Calvin Clein’s flagship store. GRANT performed conditions assessment visits, test pits oversight, and performed the design of the new water infiltration mitigation system.