50 Greenpoint Avenue, BK

At a Glance

Location: 50 Greenpoint Ave, BK

Size:  51434 sq ft, 44 Apartments

Client: Pine Builders

Year Completed: 2017

Key Services
  • Oil Tank Remediation
  • Site Planning
  • All TR-1 Inspections
  • Environmental Oversight

Client Need

– Convert an old gas station and repair shop into luxury condos
– Plan/Execute site assessment and manage remediation
– Remove toxins, contaminated soil and underground storage tanks, whilst keeping project on track
– Meet NYC OER’s stringent regulation, to protect neighborhood’s public health
– Achieve NYC Grant for Site Cleanup

GRANT Value:  

– Designed/Implemented a Vapor Barrier and Sub-Slab Depressurization System to remove volatile organic compounds prevent vapor intrusion

– GRANT’s rapid response to an underground storage tank spill ensured development never stopped. Grants engineers collaborated closely with the construction team whilst emergency remediation took place.

– Constant communication with Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) helped close the tank’s spill case quickly. Project timeline unaffected.

– Saved client $$$ via the Clean Soil Bank by using clean soil as backfill and abided by the Voluntary Cleanup Plan to receive a major cleanup grant.

– Client rewarded GRANT by requesting we perform ALL special inspections for the project (including, Concrete, Structural, Firestopping, MEP)