Harlem, Manhattan

Special Inspections
About This Project

Location: Harlem, Manhattan, NY

Client:  Level One Holdings

Architect: Issac & Stern Architects

Size: 10 story | 72,000 sq ft

Project Type: Mixed Use, Mid-Rise

Site Activities: Excavation, SOE, Underpinning

Year Completed: 2018

Key Services
  • TR-1 Inspections, including:
    • Concrete Cast-in-Place
    • Subgrade
    • Subsurface Conditions
    • Underpinning
      • TR-2 Concrete Sampling / Testing
      • TR-5 Deep Foundation Elements
      • Pile-Load Tests

Project Description

Level One Holdings developed this project with New Canaan Baptist Church. This project is a graceful addition to Lenox Avenue just north of Central Park. GRANT was contracted by the client to take over responsibility as the inspection agency partway through the development of the foundation at the site. GRANT reviewed the geotechnical design documents and the existing conditions at the site and performed deep foundation elements and subgrade inspections as piles were drilled and grouted and the subgrade soils were set and compacted. GRANT also inspected several pile load tests. Our engineers assisted in resolving several major discrepancies between design and as-built conditions and facilitated the communication between the owners, the geotechnical designer, and the contractors. GRANT completed our scope of work by signing off on the TR1 and TR5 DOB forms once the foundation was complete.