Rego Park, Queens

Special Inspections, Structural Engineering
About This Project

Location: Rego Park, Queens, NY

Client:  Owners Corp

Size: 80,000 sq ft

Project Type: Façade, Co-op

Site Activities: Ongoing Building Maintenance

Year Completed: 2018

Key Services

Structural Engineering / Special Inspections / Local Law 11

  • Structural Façade Assessment
  • Cycle 8 Local Law 11 Inspection
  • Cycle 8 FISP Report
  • NYC DOB Violation Removal and Certificate of Correction

Project Description

The Site building was constructed in 1939 and is a 6-floor residential co-op. GRANT’s role in this property has been related to the building façade, in order to remove a Local Law 11 violation. GRANT was contracted by the client to provide a structural façade assessment and inspection for compliance with Local Law 11 and prepare Cycle 8 FISP report for New York Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) submission. GRANT also provided third-party construction inspection service to oversee the specialty contractor and ensure compliance with the approved construction documents and applicable New York City Building Code. GRANT worked closely with NYC DOB to obtain a Certificate of Correction.