95 Avenue B

At a Glance

Location: New York City, NY
Size: 4-story commercial residential
Collaborators: pH Design
Year Completed: 2015

Key Services

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Drilling and sampling methods
  • Boring logs
  • Laboratory testing (soils and rocks)
  • Site preparations
  • Foundation design
  • Shoring and excavation

Structural engineering

  • Structural assessment
  • Design development
  • Structural drawings and specifications
  • Engineering oversight
  • Inspections

MEP Engineering

  • MEP inspections and design

Project Description

With a vision for an ambitious retrofit, our client required GRANT’s structural, geotechnical and MEP engineering expertise and analysis services. The process began with GRANT’s geotechnical team conducting a subsurface site investigation and issuing a recommendations report and underpinning the existing rubble foundation with an R/C footing. As-built drawings and timber and metal design of slabs, stairs and masonry were designed by GRANT’s structural engineers while our MEP engineers took open collaboration to the next level by assessing and designing an MEP system that met challenging contractor-led design changes well into the construction phase.