Our Firm

Solutions that Respond to the Unique Challenges Presented by our Clients


GRANT creates value and cultivates exceptional client experiences by using open collaboration and the best tools to integrate design engineering and planning, and construction support solutions for positive impact.

Our clients are at our core, seeking the creative and technical solutions needed to overcome complex construction, environmental, and energy challenges. Our culture of open collaboration equips us to design and build complete solutions by integrating our engineering, construction management and property development expertise to simplify these challenges in innovative ways.

What happens when we approach projects in this way? Each of our clients are supported with a custom team of professionals formed to meet their unique needs, elevate beauty, streamline performance, and maximize investment. As a result, we foster lasting relationships with our clients and what’s more is that we enjoy doing it.

A passion for learning underpins the entire project experience at GRANT, fostering a creative workspace and driving us to continually evolve and improve with our ever-expanding technical knowledge. From our bright and energetic studio in New York, our relationships span the globe, and our solutions strive to enhance life not only at home but also in communities around the world.

Our Values

Built on a Solid Foundation.

At GRANT we approach challenges differently. Our team is committed, successful and growing while having the established controls and capabilities of a traditional firm. Our clients come first, and our values drive everything we do.

Challenge Seekers

We embrace projects that excite our curiosity, push us beyond the limits of what’s been done before, and compel us to think differently.

Open Collaboration

At GRANT, ideas flow freely, and mentorship and open communication fuel trust and innovation.

Creatively Resourceful

We approach technical challenges with a creative mindset, using the latest tools and technologies to heighten project efficiency and performance.

Global Perspective

We are driven to create a meaningful impact on our clients and their projects from New York to developing communities around the world.

Real People

We are an energetic team that approaches challenges in a practical and straightforward way. We build trust in the studio or on-site by designing and building with good intentions and frequent, honest communication.


We work incredibly hard, but still make time for fun. Our studio environment is energetic, progressive and grounded. We promote camaraderie over competition, and celebrate our accomplishments often.


We work collectively to strengthen and grow GRANT’s resources in a sustainable way.


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Collaborate with Us

We work with a growing family of Architects, Developers, Governments, NGO’s and local property owners in New York and around the world. From design / builds, to retrofits and home energy projects we can help you realize your vision in an efficient, cost effective and honest way.